Fine jewelry made with precision machine-cut gemstones

  • Wholesale jewelry drop shipping
  • Private label jewelry development
  • On-Demand jewelry manufacturing
  • Wholesale jewelry drop shipping ยป

  • Login to your account, choose jewelry to sell, decide your own pricing and list the jewelry for sale in your online shop.

  • When you get an order and collect the payment from your customer, login to your account and place a product order with us.

  • Your personalized order carefully inspected to meet our high quality production standards & shipped to your customer.

Private label development

We are a diversified technology company and world-leading provider of precision machine-cut natural gemstones, with capabilities to aggregate resources in jewelry design, product development and manufacturing to develop exactly the kind of jewelry that fits your brand.

Blind & private label shipping

We understand the importance of providing a first class pick, pack and delivery experience to your customers and can put your logo or part number on everything that we manufacture, as well as shipments, which can be in your packaging or in blind label packaging.

On-demand manufacturing

Whether you are looking for perfectly matched stones to produce closed, channel, invisible or micro pave jewelry, we can manufacture fine jewelry quickly with small minimum orders, meeting the requirements of the most demanding clients.

  • New Jewelry Arrivals

  • Yellow sapphire gold classic pendant

  • Yellow sapphire yellow gold dragonfly pendant

  • Yellow sapphire gold drop pendant

  • The jeweled garden

  • Lavender sapphire gold stud earrings

  • Blue sapphire and tsavorite white gold ladybug pendant

  • Blue sapphire white gold designer pendant

  • Pink sapphire white gold hoop earrings

  • Blue sapphire white gold eternity ring

  • Amethyst rose gold eternity ring

  • The eternal bond

  • Grey sapphire yellow gold heart necklace

  • Yellow sapphire yellow gold heart necklace

  • Blue sapphire white gold heart pendant

  • In the arms of love

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