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  • CAD jewelry manufacturing
  • Private label support
  • Highly precision craftsmanship
  • Jewelry wholesale dropship fulfillment
  • New Jewelry Arrivals

  • Blue sapphire white gold stud earrings

  • Tsavorite white gold dragonfly pendant

  • Yellow sapphire yellow gold dragonfly pendant

  • The jeweled garden

  • Pink sapphire gold butterfly necklace

  • Blue sapphire white gold flower pendant

  • Multicolored sapphire and tsavorite white gold parrot brooch

  • Yellow sapphire yellow gold eternity bangle

  • White sapphire white gold hoop earrings

  • Blue sapphire white gold eternity ring

  • The eternal bond

  • Ruby yellow gold heart bracelet

  • Tsavorite white gold heart bracelet

  • Blue sapphire white gold drop earrings

  • In the arms of love

  • The classic beauty

  • Amethyst white gold classic pendant

  • Yellow sapphire gold classic pendant

  • Blue sapphire white gold designer ring

  • Contemporary glamour

  • Orange sapphire gold designer ring

  • Pink, blue sapphire and tsavorite gold star ring

  • Multicolored spinel white gold eternity ring

What we offer

Our jewelry manufacturing, wholesale drop shipping fulfilment, 3PL and e-commerce market integration programs are tailored to the needs of e-commerce site owners, multichannel merchants and retailers looking to focus on growing their jewelry sales channel.

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How it works

Our B2B Extranet allows merchants specializing in the luxury industry to establish an account with different roles for multiple users and access real time jewelry inventories, create tailored product data feeds and distribute it across web stores or for catalog production.

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Getting started

In order to view the prices, generate data feeds and order fulfilment requests, you need to register with us. Registration is made by applying for an account, where you will be asked to provide information about your business and an authorization code if you were invited.

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Managing inventory, downloading data feeds, requesting fulfilment and settling invoices has never been easier.


We work seamlessly behind the scenes to make your jewelry in-store catalog or web store offering stand out to your customers.


We only sell to qualified members of the luxury industry and we respect and protect you as a legitimate member of the trade.